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Getting your cargo to the right warehouse is just as crucial as getting it across the sea. That’s why we’ve inland transportation and distribution as our integrated end-to-end logistics service. Whether by road or rail – our team will find the best route and mode of transportation for your cargo; coordinating with your team or suppliers to make the process smooth, simple and efficient. We provide total solutions for all kinds of Land cargo transport under Freight Forwarding.

With inland transportation, we now offer a full-service solution – covering the whole supply chain from door to port and port to door. With all your logistics in one place, you can focus on your business, safe in the knowledge that your cargo is in the hands of a reliable partner.

At Pedoker Freight Logistics Ltd we offer cargo transport services within East and Central Africa for containerized consignments both – 20ft and 40ft, loose cargo, cars, and other consignments that may also require special handling.

We have a large fleet of light and heavy commercial vehicles that are fitted with state-of-the-art electronic cargo tracking systems and are used for local and transit cargo transportation as well as distribution services in Kenya and within the East and Central Africa region. Our fleet of commercial vehicles include pick-ups and mini-trucks for door-to-door deliveries, light and heavy lorries for cargo deliveries, car carriers, low loaders and wide loaders.

In addition to these, we have a fleet of motorcycles that are used for quick and efficient door-to-door deliveries of documents within city limits. Our trailers are technologically equipped to ensure control and monitoring of clients’ freight at any given time which ensures real time visibility of cargo at all times. We also offer cargo escort services for high value cargo and on a request basis. We have one of the best safety and reliability records in the transport industry which guarantees our clients of safe and reliable cargo transportation.

Clients testimonials

This people have amazingly short delivery periods, this saves me time. Therefore I can’t take it for granted, time is money they say, Keep it up.

Faith Lukosi - Logistics manager Purefresh Water Ltd

I was introduced to Pedoker Logistics Ltd just recently and I think I must refer many of my friends to you, your work is really amazing. Pamoja Tujenge Kenya.

Wakoli Truney – General Manager Oracle Car Dealers