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Cargo consolidation is the practice of combining shipment lots from multiple different consignees into one shipment. Therefore your cargo will share space with other shippers’ cargo on an aircraft or container. All shipments are listed under the same master way bill, but each individual shipment will also have a house way bill to help keep the cargo organized. Freight consolidation is ideal for anyone who does not have a large enough cargo to fill a plane or container on their own and wants to save on the cost of shipping. As a company, we understand that smart consolidation & packaging techniques can lead to significant cost savings. We are happy to pass on those savings to you.

At Pedoker Freight Logistics Ltd we undertake cargo consolidation (sea & air) for both our local and international customers. The proximity of our warehouses to major ports (sea & air) gives us competitive advantage when undertaking consolidation services.

Our scope of service includes: –

  • Track and tracing of cargo from various collection points
  • Stuffing of cargo into containers
  • Stripping of containers
  • Customs clearance
  • Handling of freehand shipments
  • Use of premium air and shipping Lines
  • Manifest registration

If you decide to use either sea or air freight consolidation to ship your cargo, let Pedoker Freight Logistics Ltd facilitate the shipment. Our experienced freight forwarding team applies their attention to detail to every shipment, guaranteeing that the shipment arrives on time and in excellent condition. We negotiate competitive rates through our large network of freight forwarders, making it as cost-effective as possible for you to transport your goods using air consolidation.

We consolidate commercial Cargo, personal effects and household goods. Pedoker Freight Logistics Ltd has the knowledge, network, and skills to pick up your cargo domestically, arrange for delivery to our warehouse or other location, and handle the international shipping of your cargo overseas. Together with you, we scope out your project before offering a quote.

Clients testimonials

I managed to save a lot by using Pedoker Freight Logistics consolidation services, it reached the destination on time and it was intact. Kazi nzuri

Loice Kimeto – Managing Director Kimeto and Sons Ltd

I was really worried of how I can get my items delivered on time, the time I met Pedoker Freight Logistics Ltd staff the assurance and the work they did for me was really commendable. Keep it up.

Diana Nyambura - Managing Director Premium Care Hospitals.